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The EU will soon have Free Trade Agreements with 80 per cent of all the non-EU countries in the world. Several non-EU countries already export more to the EU than does the UK:

The USA exports more in absolute terms to the EU than does the UK

The USA is not an EU member. It has zero votes in the EU Council of Ministers and no MEPs in the European Parliament. The USA doesn’t pay a cent to “Brussels” (the UK paid £48 million per day to “Brussels” in 2009) and doesn’t have to impose one iota of EU regulation on its domestic economy. The USA has no Free Trade Agreement with the EU, and consequently has to export to the EU over the EU’s Common External Tariff (customs duties) and quotas.

Nevertheless, the USA exports more to the EU than the UK. In 2009, US exports to the EU were £ 407 billion; British exports to the EU were £ 277 bn.


Download Briefing Note: BN#62 No Need to belong EU to Trade with it

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