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1st February 2017

Today’s headlines: MPs set for Article 50 vote; Remain parliamentarians draw up contingency plans to “delay and dilute” Brexit; economic growth holds steady; David Cameron tried to get rid of the Daily Mail’s pro-Brexit editor; and more.

Telegraph: Steady economic growth raises hopes UK can avoid a Brexit crunch
Ipswich Star: Thousands of new jobs on the way at sugar beet site on edge of Ipswich
ChronicleLive: Wallsend yard hopes to create 400 jobs

BBC: Brexit: MPs set for vote on triggering talks with EU
Breitbart London: Arch-europhile Ken Clarke applauded by MPs for saying UK should remain in EU
Telegraph: Labour and Tory ‘Remoaners’ are plotting to ‘delay and dilute Brexit’
Business Insider: David Cameron tried to get the Daily Mail’s editor sacked for being pro-Brexit

Telegraph: Pound surges after Donald Trump’s trade chief Peter Navarro accuses Germany of abusing euro for own gain
Kent News: Brexit will not stop Lydd Airport expansion plans from taking off, insists boss

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