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19th January 2017

Today’s headlines: the aftershock following Theresa May’s landmark speech continues with mostly positive reactions. US signals UK trade deal could take six months; Nicola sturgeon’s bluff called by May; unemployment falling, manufacturing outlook improving and new deals announced.



Global Britain: Yes! Brexit does mean Brexit!

Wall Street Journal: British Consumers Keep Economy Humming Months After Brexit Vote

Breitbart: Top Trump Adviser: Anglo-American Trade Deal Could Be Ready Within ‘First Six Months’ of Administration

Tech city News: Kohli Ventures launches $25m investment fund to boost UK tech

BBC Scotland: Manufacturing shows ‘positive growth trends’



Guardian: This is Brexit poker – and Theresa May was right to up the stakes

Politico: Hard Brexit is ‘wise,’ Norway says

The Sun: Will the last country to leave the EU please turn out the lights

Daily Express: We WON’T be bullied by EU: Britain’s top Brexit team invokes WW2 as they warn Brussels

Global Britain: Nicola Sturgeon’s bluff has been called



Daily TelegraphLiam Fox launches Brexit trade crusade confirming informal talks already under way with 12 countries

The AustralianTheresa May takes on Brussels with British steel in Brexit speech

BBC: UK unemployment falls to 1.6m

Reuters: No Brexit hit for UK workers as pay growth accelerates

Industry Week: Nissan, Toyota back UK plants despite May’s Brexit plan

Evening Standard: First direct train from China to UK arrives in London



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