23rd January 2017

Today’s headlines: Nicola Sturgeon “caught in her own Groundhog Day”; German finance minister admits Brexit was EU “wake-up call” and pushes for Swiss-style deal; Remain MPs plot to foil Clean Brexit; top professor claims car industry will benefit from cheaper pound and increased productivity; details of UK/US trade pact begin to be sketched out; and more.

Telegraph: Experts boost UK growth forecasts for this year
Wales Online: Blueprint launched to save steel indutry and support manufacturing “renaissance”
Telegraph: Theresa May and Donald Trump to hold talks on trade deal which will slash tariffs and make it easier for workers to move between UK and US
City AM: 2016 dividends surged after record fourth quarter
Scotsman: Nicola Sturgeon caught in her own Groundhog Day
FT: Brexit cliff edges are mainly in bankers’ minds
Guardian: Cross-party group of MPs plot to halt Clean Brexit
Express: German finance minister reveals he CRIED over Brexit
Express: I want to teach the working class a lesson” — Remainer sparks outrage with LBC tirade

This Is Money: Top car industry expert says cheaper pound and better productivity after Brexit will bolster sales
Politico: Theresa May to announce funding for UK technology growth