9th January 2017

Today’s headlines are: Theresa May suggests Britain will leave Single Market as Michael Gove suggests that a deal which kept us in would be “fake Brexit”; UK spending growth at a two-year high as leading supermarkets post solid Christmas; manufacturing firms “quietly confident” about 2017 as Jaguar Land Rover and Roll-Royce post very strong sales; civil servants told to make patriotic case for Brexit as Liam Fox eyes increased trade with 50 countries.

Daily Express: Theresa May suggests Britain WILL leave the Single Market
City bosses to face grilling over Brexit claims
Independent: Not leaving the Single Market would be “fake Brexit”, says Gove
Telegraph: There is always another way, however much non-believers like Sir Ivan Rogers might protest
Daily Express: Trump’s EU envoy is a Breixteer: insider predict US trade deal within 12 months
Belfast Telegraph: Liam Fox eyes 50 countries amid British exports drive
Spectator: Cambridge University is over 800 years old. Except for the last 40 years, it managed fine without Brussels
Telegraph: Civl servants told to make the patriotic case for Brexit

Reuters: Solid Christmas for UK supermarkets
BBC News: UK superyacht industry sales rise to highest since 2008
Telegraph: UK tech deals hit record high in 2016 despite Brexit
International Business Times: Jaguar Land Rover and Rolls-Royce see strong sales growth
Telegraph: Get ready for the pound to rise after Brexit rows fade
Belfast Telegraph: Manufacturing firms “quietly confident” about 2017