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22 06, 2023

How the EU is already worse than it ever was – while the UK slowly diverges for the better

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The EU has continued down its path of uber-regulation and the maintenance of a customs fortress that diminishes poorer farmers and businesses of emerging nations... while the UK has sought to open up to the developing world.

17 06, 2023

Mark Carney cannot deflect away his personal responsibility for today’s inflation

As We See It, Brexit-Watch, Trade & Economy|

By Ewen Stewart – 3 minute read IT IS individuals like Mark Carney that are directly responsible for today’s inflation. Brexit doesn’t even come near. Tragically he shows no contrition, instead doubling down on his own failure.

30 05, 2023

Economics of the Mad House have been visited upon us

As We See It, Trade & Economy|

By Ewen Stewart – 4 minute read THIS WEEK takes the biscuit. Proposals by both Sunak on price fixing and Blair on raiding pensions are mad, bad and dangerous. Our masters are truly economically illiterate and if they continue like this they will ruin us all. Literally. For the safe keeping of the nation it [...]

15 05, 2023

Inflation? Jeremy Hunt’s analysis is frankly embarrassing

As We See It, Trade & Economy|

By Ewen Stewart – OH DEAR, I’ve just spent the last two minutes watching a video where Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt cheerfully explains what he thinks has caused inflation and what he’s doing about it. Don’t waste two minutes of your precious time on it. He blames everyone but himself for this crisis. He's wrong, here's why...

3 05, 2023

The UK must defend its right to choose its own path of harm reduction

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by Brian Monteith – 3 minute read. RECLAIMING CONTROL from the EU was not to then surrender power to a less democratic and accountable organisation like the WHO. We must assert our right to develop our own tobacco control policies through harm reduction.

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