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16 03, 2023

This budget not only misses the point – it doesn’t even understand it

As We See It, Trade & Economy|

By Ewen Stewart – 6 minute read JEREMY HUNT’S latest Budget misses the point and does not address the underlying declining competitiveness of the UK economy.  It fails to address the root of the problem; substantial excess public spending, extraordinarily weak public sector productivity and a subsequent loss of tax competitiveness with more micro-management and [...]

28 02, 2023

Sunak’s Duke of Windsor Agreement deserves to be exiled

As We See It, Brexit-Watch|

By Ewen Stewart– 4 minute read THE SHEER cynicism of our Prime Minister is quite something. The Windsor Agreement indeed! More like the Duke of Windsor Agreement. Something that should have been exiled a long time ago. Sure, the problem dates to Theresa May and the Remain Parliament who, together, conspired to deliberately neuter Brexit at birth, [...]

24 12, 2022

How to save our civilisation this Christmas

As We See It, Culture|

By Ewen Stewart – 4 minute read AS WE FACE challenges that I should have thought beyond comprehension just a few years ago, with a deliberately increasingly totalitarian and morally bankrupt State crushing liberties that for centuries we have been privileged to enjoy, in this formerly blessed land, how should we this Christmas respond?  As [...]

15 12, 2022

The UK’s self-inflicted decline demands a different approach before Britain can fulfil its potential

As We See It, Trade & Economy|

By Ewen Stewart – 7 minute read BRITAIN SHOULD BE BOOMING. Our economy is structurally biased to globally growing industries from financial and professional services to elite education, from media and cultural assets to racing cars, from bio and medical technology to logistics, from niche engineering to tourism. These are all industries growing more rapidly [...]

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