21 06, 2024

#47 Defence procurement rule changes allow for cutting-edge weaponry rollout years earlier

Brexit Benefits, Brexit-Watch|

Post-Brexit changes to UK defence procurement rules, have allowed the Royal Navy to accelerate the development and deployment of its new DragonFire laser weaponry by a full FIVE YEARS. The procurement changes were not possible due to EU procurement laws.

3 06, 2024

How Labour will use a Brexit freedom to punish private education

Brexit-Watch, Trade & Economy|

By Catherine McBride – 4 minute read THE UK's incredibly successful independent education sector is one of the only industries in the UK that is truly a free market. Rather than attack it why not use it to improve education provision, asks Catherine McBride

26 04, 2024

Is it a record? FIVE myths about UK trade and agriculture appear in one FT article

Brexit-Watch, Trade & Economy|

By Catherine McBride – 6 minute read IN AN ARTICLE published by the Financial Times on 25th April the FT perpetuated five tired self-serving myths about farming and food exports from protectionists who fear competition.

11 04, 2024

Fear and ignorance of world farming practices will keep UK food prices high, and African farmers poor

Brexit-Watch, Trade & Economy|

By Catherine McBride – 7 minute read SELF-OBSESSED Liz Webster probably knows nothing about international farming standards nor of the work of the UK’s Food Standards Agency, so please stop listening to her.

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