3 05, 2023

The UK must defend its right to choose its own path of harm reduction

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by Brian Monteith – 3 minute read. RECLAIMING CONTROL from the EU was not to then surrender power to a less democratic and accountable organisation like the WHO. We must assert our right to develop our own tobacco control policies through harm reduction.

13 04, 2023

It’s time for UK to take back control of harm reduction policy at COP10

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By Brian Monteith – 3 minute read LATER THIS YEAR the UK Government will have the opportunity on the world stage to stand up for our sovereignty and show the world the progress it has made towards reaching its smokefree 2030 target.  In November, a UK delegation will attend the 10th meeting of the World [...]

19 08, 2021

Inside China’s Silk Road glove is an iron fist

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By Ewen Stewart – 5 minute read WAS PRESIDENT CLINTON right? He thought by enabling China to join the World Trade Organisation in 1999 they would cease their authoritarian ways and become more like us. By us he seemed to imply his version of ‘liberal democracy.’ 20-odd years later that confident prediction looks rather mistaken. At one level Clinton might [...]

12 08, 2021

For a truly Global Britain ‘Taking Back Control’ must go beyond the EU 

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By Jayne Adye – 4 minute read  THE PHRASE ‘Take Back Control’ will go down as one of the most famous and influential campaign slogans in political history. Not only was it a call to action during the EU Referendum campaign, it summed up perfectly the thoughts of millions of Britons who had grown tired of [...]

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