Let’s use our new powers reform taxes like VAT

By Jayne Adye – 5 minute read WHILE OUR POLITICIANS have spent the last few weeks partying, dancing and soaking up free beer and wine at their respective Party Conferences, men and women on the streets [...]

How the fate of Malaysian palm oil tells us we were right to leave the EU

A FEW DAYS AGO the Office of Communication (Ofcom) reminded us how far things have gone. Over time, the Office, a bureaucratic organism, has given itself the mandate to police language. No one ever voted [...]

The UK needs to be globally competitive – not EU compliant

WITH THE RECENT reshuffle, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has finally demonstrated a willingness to look beyond Covid-19 and actually consider how he will shape the future of the UK’s economy and society in the years [...]

The ‘AUKUS’ agreement should be the start of a true Global Britain

By Jayne Adye – 3 minute read WHILE IT IS NATURAL for many to focus on the Cabinet reshuffle as the main news of the week, the recent announcement of a multilateral security agreement between the [...]


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Despite a clear majority vote in the EU referendum there are many vested interests seeking to water down or even halt the UK Government’s commitment to deliver Brexit for the people.

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