The way to cut prices is for EU to abolish tariffs and open its markets

AS THE Governor of the Bank of England has pointed out, food prices are rising dramatically in some particular markets and this is a global phenomenon. As prices rise to record levels some governments have [...]

Malaysia’s sustainable palm oil requires EU to abandon its ban

By Brian Monteith – 5 minute read As if we needed more pressure on the cost of living, Indonesia, the world's biggest producer of palm oil, announced last week it would halt exports of palm oil [...]

How not to virtue signal

By Brian Monteith – 5 minute read VIRTUE SIGNALLING is actually an art. It might look easy but it can quickly become a hole that you can't stop digging for yourself, as this little story demonstrates. [...]

Deforestation encouraged by EU double standards

By Brian Monteith – 6 minute read AS WITH ANY political campaigning when it comes to saving the planet it is often difficult for the public to see the wood because of the trees. One such [...]


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Despite a clear majority vote in the EU referendum there are many vested interests seeking to water down or even halt the UK Government’s commitment to deliver Brexit for the people.

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