The EU’s Brexit Deal


  • We will not really be leaving in March

  • We are not free to strike trade agreements with the world

  • The integrity of the United Kingdom is under threat by the toxic “backstop”

  • We would be creating a border between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, undermining the UK.

  • We will have to pay £39 billion to the EU for nothing guaranteed in return

  • The EU can trap us in the Customs Union until 2099

  • The European Court of Justice will continue to have control over our laws – and can punish the UK if we don’t comply

Global Britain Polling:



Our options?
WTO Deal or Canada++

  • Deliver a real Brexit

  • Honours the promises of the referendum

  • Allows the UK to trade globally on WTO rules

  • Saves the UK billions intended for the EU so we can put back into our economy.


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Despite a clear majority vote in the EU referendum there are many vested interests seeking to water down or even halt the UK Government’s commitment to deliver Brexit for the people.

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