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30th March 2017

Yesterday marked our last Global Britain Brexit News Brief

Now that Theresa May has triggered Article 50, we have decided we need to change our focus and we would welcome your input. For those who require a daily news brief we recommend the daily brief from Brexit Central that we contribute to from time to time.

Global Britain Progress

Global Britain was founded in 1997 and for 20 years, some of them very lonely, we set about, turning an unfashionable idea into the prevailing view and we have won. We have challenged the orthodoxy that the UK and the EU were inextricably intertwined and this has proved correct.

Our Chairman, Ian Milne, produced a unique series of Brexit Briefing notes (a library of over 120 of them) that have proved uncannily accurate. Following the referendum we have continued to publish an extensive series of Brexit Papers cataloguing the hidden costs and failure of the Single Market and Reports presenting the threats and opportunities facing the UK financial services industry.

Our daily News Brief was designed to highlight the positive story that the media consistently missed as they expected the economy to fall off a cliff edge. We were one of a small number of voices to argue that Brexit would be positive for employment or growth. And so it has proved.

While there is no scope for complacency, we feel that if last year’s
referendum was held again Leave would win by a greater majority.

We are greatly encouraged by the Prime Minister’s approach and wish her well.

Global Britain’s new focus

Clearly many challenges face us.

There is a dedicated attempt to thwart the clear will of the people by elements of ‘The Establishment’ and separatists. Tough negotiations are ahead and the UK faces continuing economic and political challenges.

At Global Britain, we believe our focus should be on offering a route map for a clean Brexit. Our work will therefore concentrate on examining in greater detail the following subjects so that we can to influence the debate and policy.

  • The future of free trade under WTO rules and enhanced free trade agreements .
  • The economic opportunities and challenges from BREXIT.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the UK’s position
  • The benefits to Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as Wales and England, of preserving the union of the United Kingdom.

We would welcome your thoughts, suggestions, and support as the UK enters into negotiations with the EU.

We hope you will join us on this journey to ensure we deliver a truly Global Britain.

Kind regards,

Ian Milne


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