6th January 2017

Today’s headlines are: Bank of England chief admits forecasters got it wrong on Brexit; economy “on a roll” as services sector sees strong growth; UK car sales at record levels; enterntainment sales hits £6.3bn; retailers creating thousands of jobs and pledging higher pay; top Remain campaigner Vince Cable admits it’s “time to end free movement” as former OSCE head of borders claims maritime security has been “dismantled”.

Daily Mail: Our forecast’s are about as good as Michael Fish’s: Bank of England chief admits it is “business as usual” despite dire Brexit warnings
Breitbart London: Maritime borders “porous”; protections “dismantled” – top borders expert
Daily Mail: Britain is on a roll after Brexit and has emerged as the most robust economy in the industrialised world
Telegraph: Peers will not sabotage Brexit, Lord Speaker tells May
New Statesman: It’s time to end free movement, admits top Remain campaigner Vince Cable
Breitbart London: Cambridge Univsersity researchers say Government’s anti-Brexit research “very flawed and very partisan”

Telegraph: Economy gathers stam as firms stay strong after Brexit vote
Forbes: What Brexit economic shock? UK services PMI at 17-month high
Charity Digital News: GoFundMe sets sights on UK expansion
MarketPlace: Chinese entrepreneur plans major UK investment
Advanced Television: UK entertainment sales hit £6.3bn
Insider Media: Suzuki driven by record UK sales
Liverpool Echo: 
Jaguar Land Rover posts record UK sales