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The UK has improved rolled over deals with Japan, Singapore & Ukraine — and is in progress with Mexico, Switzerland, Israel, Turkey & South Korea.
Brand new deals with Australia & New Zealand, and is also in progress with India and the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).


Since the formal departure of the UK from the EU in February 2020, the UK has undertaken numerous trade agreement negotiations with numerous countries. In the case of Australia and New Zealand, the intention was to secure entirely new trade agreements that EU membership did not provide an alternative for.

However the UK also undertook negotiations with the aim to improve on the deals that it had already secured continuity on, or was yet to secure continuity of, with nations who had an existing trade agreement with the EU.

In the case of Japan, the EU JEEPA agreement was used as a baseline for a new agreement, with the more comprehensive CEPA agreement the result of those negotiations. In the case of Singapore, minor improvements were able to be made in the continuity agreement, with then further improvements made targeting the digital economy.

Negotiations on improving EU continuity agreements are underway with Mexico, Israel, Turkey, Switzerland and South Korea.

Negotiations for completely new agreements are also underway with India, The six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC, The Maldives and with Greenland.

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