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In 2010, EU-27 stagnated; EFTA, NAFTA & Japan recorded significant growth

  • In 2010, as in 2009, the UK was the eleventh most prosperous country in the EU
  • The UK’s GDP per capita was only eleven per cent greater than the EU-27 average. French & German GDPs per capita were 13% & 12% greater than the UK’s; Danish GDP per capita was 53% greater than the UK’s.
  • All the EU Nordic countries appear in the top seven places in the GDP per capita table, though they are outclassed on that measure by Norway, which is not in the EU.
  • In US Dollar* GDP terms, the measure used by the World Bank, EU-27’s GDP contracted in 2010 by just under one per cent compared with 2009; its population increased by over three million. Overall, average EU-27 GDP per capita contracted by one-and-a-half per cent. Table 2 & BN 59#
  • The GDPs per capita of former Warsaw Pact countries now in the EU, such as the Czech Republic, are at best a half of the UK’s. Romania & Bulgaria, twenty-sixth & twenty-seventh respectively, are four & five times poorer than the EU average.
  • EFTA’s2 weighted average GDP per Capita was well over double that of EU-27 in 2010.
  • EFTA, NAFTA & Japan were all more prosperous than EU-27 in 2010.
  • In 2010, as in 2009, the GDPs per capita of the USA, Australia & Canada were higher than that of the UK.

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Download Briefing Note: BN#74 European 2010 Prosperity Rankings

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