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In the EU prosperity rankings, the UK has sunk from fifth position in 2004 to eleventh in 2011

  • In 2011, as in the two previous years, the UK was the eleventh most prosperous country in the EU.
  • In 2004, using the same methodology & data source, the UK was the fifth most prosperous country in the EU, well ahead of France (in tenth position) & Germany (eleventh).
  • In 2011, German GDP per capita was 13% higher than that of the UK; French GDP per capita was 8% higher than the UK’s. .
  • In 2011 the average GDP per capita of EFTA countries was two-and-a-half times that of the EU-27 average.
  • EFTA, NAFTA & Japan were all more prosperous than EU-27 in 2011.
  • Romania & Bulgaria continue to be EU-27’s least prosperous countries, with GDP per capita over four times smaller than the EU-27 average.
  • Australian GDP per capita in 2011 was 56% greater than the UK’s, & 27% higher than that of the USA.
  • Amongst the five developed “Anglo” countries, the UK is the least prosperous except for New Zealand.
  • All the EU Nordic countries appear in the top six places in the GDP per capita table, though they are outclassed on that measure by Norway, which is not in the EU.

For full tables go to the pdf version.


Download Briefing Note: BN#84 EU prosperity rankings

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