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24th January 2017

Today’s headlines: Supreme Court ruling on Article 50 due at 9:30; Welsh politicians seeking to keep UK as deeply enmeshed in the EU as possible; Labour MPs accused of “plot” to sabotage Brexit negotiations in Parliament; UK economy expected to continue growing but may do so at a slightly slower rate “as the economy rebalances”; claim New Zealand trade pact will damage UK lamb farmers unfounded; and more.

ChronicleLive: New industrial park to create 5,000 jobs in North-East
Yahoo! News: PM says new industrial strategy will give UK “stronger future”
and make it easier for workers to move between UK and US

Telegraph: Supreme Court to rule on Article 50 at 9:30am (Live Updates)
Express: You want to sneak back in” – Jo Coburn scolds Welsh First Minister over Brexit strategy
Telegraph: Brexit is an opportunity to deepen European integration, says top MEP
Daily Mail: Labour’s plot to sabotage Brexit vote in Parliament
Express: A C Grayling claims Brexit was NOT the will of the people and calls for a general strike
Guardian: Stop complaining about Brexit – the economic benefits will be huge

BBC: UK growth may “slow as the economy rebalances”
Evening Standard: UK can forge trade path as “Big Switzerland”
New Zealand Farmer: New Zealand no threat to Welsh farmers over lamb exports

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