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6th March 2017

Today’s headlines: Surge in orders for UK manufacturing; Remain diehards launch anti-Brexit poster campaign; EU claims on NHS costing five times more than it claims back; and more.

Channel News Asia: UK manufacturers enjoy post-Brexit surge in orders
Bloomberg: London Financial Jewel Brightens Even as Brexit Reckoning Looms
Times: Sterling supports export boost for manufacturers

Daily Mail: Now come the posters: Remoaners launch £70,000 anti-Brexit billboard claiming EU exit is linked with ‘price hikes and hate crimes’
Express: ‘You’ve HELPED Brexit!’ Gina Miller’s campaign RIDICULED during Peston grilling
The Sun: ‘THE BIGGEST SCANDAL OF OUR TIMES’ Britain has paid out a staggering £736million to EU countries over healthcare scheme – FIVE times more than NHS has claimed back
Irish Independent: 
Ireland should be ready to jump ship from EU after Brexit
Press TV: 
Brexit can end exploitation of poor nations
Guardian: Scotland will emerge stronger from Brexit, says David Mundell

Daily Mail: We should block bad takeovers after Brexit, says former Conservative leader Lord Howard

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