Ewen joined Global Britain as director in 2012 when Brexit was still a concept and has since helped make it a reality.   He is also the founding director of Walbrook Economics, which is a consultancy specialising in the interaction of macroeconomics, politics and capital markets. Clients include major pension funds, asset managers and hedge funds.

Ewen’s City career has spanned over 25 years, where he worked as an equity strategist for major investment banks including Dresdner Kleinwort Benson and ABN AMRO. He is the author of numerous published works focusing on macro economic themes with particular reference to monetary and fiscal policy, consumer behaviour and strategic advantage.

Recent projects include: Magna Carta Today. Its principles and relevance in the 21st century; a critique of the financial implications of Scottish Independence; and various analysis of the UK’s economic and constitutional relationship with the EU. He is also on the Advisory Council of The Cobden Centre.