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New polling suggests Chequers will cost Conservatives their majority


Global Britain has today published on its website polling undertaken in the 44 most marginal Conservative Party constituencies after the Prime Minister’s Chequers negotiating position was agreed and it sends a warning to drop the proposal of face certain electoral defeat.  Commenting on its findings, Brian Monteith, Director of Communications for Global Britain said,

“Our polling delivers a damning verdict on the Chequers proposal and a stark warning to any Tory MP in all but the safest of seats.

“In the first constituency level polling of Conservative marginals since the Chequers proposal, it is clear that voters see Brexit as the most important issue facing the UK, but are unhappy with how the government is handling it.

“But worse for Conservative MPs, voters do not believe Chequers delivers Brexit, do not believe it honours the referendum result and believe it will hurt them, their families and Britain.

“The clear message for any Conservative MP, whether in a leave or remain constituency, is back Chequers and pay the price at the ballot box. Chequers will not deliver Brexit, it will deliver Corbyn.

“The government needs to immediately abandon Chequers and deliver a full Brexit, which gives us back control of our economy, our borders and our future.”




For further information please contact Brian Monteith 0754 079 0754





  • Survey of n=22,000 respondents with a max margin of error of +/-0.6 percent at a 95 percent confidence interval.
  • Respondents were eligible to vote in UK General Elections.
  • Respondents were residents of 44 Conservative marginal seats with majorities 6% or less.
  • Minimum quotas set by age, gender, region, education, occupation, tenure and ethnicity, and data weighted where necessary to ensure it is representative of each constituency.
  • Telephone poll between July – August 2018.


Q) If a General Election was held today, what is the most important issue that would determine if and how you vote? That could be any local or national issue or political figure or party that is relevant to you in determining your vote if a General Election was held today.

Total Soft Voters
Brexit & the EU 45% 45%
Health & the NHS 17% 17%
The Economy 7% 6%
Immigration 6% 6%
Don’t know 2% 3%


Q) How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the UK government’s current handling of Brexit negotiations? 

Total Soft Voters
Total Satisfied 14% 8%
Neutral / DK 13% 14%
Total Dissatisfied 73% 79%
NET: Sat – Diss -59% -71%


Q) Before today, had you seen, read or heard anything about the Brexit deal proposed by the Prime Minister, Theresa May, at Chequers?

Total Soft Voters
Total Aware 80% 78%
Don’t know 1% 1%
Total Unaware 19% 21%
NET: Aw – Un +61% +57%


  1. Q) From what you have read, seen, or heard; and even if it is only a slight perception or gut feeling, to what extent do you support or oppose the Chequers Brexit deal proposed by Theresa May? 
Total Soft Voters
Total Support 26% 22%
Neutral / DK 26% 30%
Total Oppose 48% 48%
NET: Sup – Op -22% -26%


Q) To what extent do you believe that the Chequers Brexit deal is good or bad for Britain?

Total Soft Voters
Total Good 21% 16%
Neutral / DK 27% 29%
Total Bad 51% 54%
NET: Goo – Bad -30% -38%


Q) To what extent do you believe that the Chequers Brexit deal is good or bad for you and your family?

Total Soft Voters
Total Good 19% 13%
Neutral / DK 36% 40%
Total Bad 45% 47%
NET: Goo – Bad -26% -34%


Q) To what extent do you believe that the Chequers Brexit deal would result in a ‘true’ Brexit, and to what extent do you believe that it would result in the UK staying in the EU in all but name only?

Total Soft Voters
A True Brexit 23% 19%
Neutral / DK 30% 31%
Staying in EU in all but name 47% 50%
NET: Tru – Stay -24% -31%


Q) To what extent do you agree or disagree that the Chequers Brexit deal represents what Leave voters believed they were voting for in the EU Referendum in 2016?

Total Soft Voters
Total Agree 16% 12%
Neutral / DK 23% 22%
Total Disagree 61% 66%
NET: Ag – Dis -45% -54%


Q) To what extent do you believe that the Chequers Brexit deal respects the EU Referendum results where Britain voted to leave the EU?

Total Soft Voters
Total Respects 30% 26%
Neutral / DK 25% 25%
Total Disrespects 46% 49%
NET: Res – Dis -16% -23%


Q) If your local MP supported the Chequers Brexit deal, would this make you more or less likely to vote for them in an election?

Total Soft Voters
Total More Likely to Support 19% 19%
Neutral / DK 52% 48%
Total Less Likely to Support 29% 33%
NET: Mor – Less -10% -14%



  • Voters think that Brexit is the most important issue facing the country but they are strongly dissatisfied with the government’s handling of negotiations.
  • As a result, unaided vote for the Conservatives has fallen significantly since last year.
  • Most are aware of the Chequers Brexit deal, and most also oppose it.
  • They expect it will have a negative effect on both the country, and them and their families.
  • They don’t think it respects the Referendum results, and they don’t think that it’s reflective of a true Brexit.
  • Consequentially, respondents say that if their local MP supported the Chequers Deal, they would be less likely to support them at the next election.

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