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From Democracy Movement and Global Britain

Embargo: immediate – 00.01 Monday 16 February 2015


A new report published today exposes claims about unemployment and loss of influence following a British exit from the European Union as the work of “scaremongers” intent on deceiving the British public.

Published jointly by business campaigners Global Britain and grassroots pressure group the Democracy Movement, their paper “The Scaremongers” argues how more jobs are in fact at risk from remaining inside the EU than from leaving it – and warns that the UK will lose out if it does not develop global trade instead of being distracted by focusing on trade with Europe.

The report also demolishes the ‘3m jobs at risk if we leave the EU’ myth by providing five hard-hitting reasons that expose the claim as a scare story; that the original authors of the report from which it arises have contradicted it; that jobs linked to EU trade doesn’t equal jobs at risk; the difficulty of raising tariff barriers under WTO rules; the contradiction with EU policy towards other non-EU countries; and our trade deficit meaning restrictions would be counter-productive for the EU.

Download the Media Release: gb-media-release-02-16-02-15-the-scaremongers

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