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27 09, 2016

Media Release: UK must leave EU aid schemes to help developing countries and save lives

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Embargo: Immediate: 06.30 Tuesday 27 September 2016 UK MUST LEAVE EU AID SCHEMES TO HELP DEVELOPING COUNTRIES AND SAVE LIVES A new research paper published by Global Britain has established that the UK would be able to direct greater resources to help developing nations and their peoples by ending its funding of European Union multi-billion aid projects following Brexit. [...]

17 07, 2015

Media Release: A ring fence will not save the UK from exposure

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Embargo: Immediate: 00.001 Friday 17 July 2015 A RING FENCE WILL NOT SAVE THE UK FROM EXPOSURE TO GREEK DEBT Richard Tice, Chairman of the Global Britain Business Group, has described as “worthless and complacent” Chancellor George Osborne’s assurance that UK taxpayers’ money being used to underwrite a third Greek bailout will be protected by an “impregnable ringfence”arrangement. Commenting [...]

16 02, 2015

Media Release: New report exposes the EU ‘Scaremongers’

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From Democracy Movement and Global Britain Embargo: immediate – 00.01 Monday 16 February 2015 NEW REPORT EXPOSES THE EU 'SCAREMONGERS' A new report published today exposes claims about unemployment and loss of influence following a British exit from the European Union as the work of “scaremongers” intent on deceiving the British public. Published jointly by [...]

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