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AS we approach the political holidays – a recess of seven weeks, not long after a general election campaign that also lasted seven weeks – supporters of the UK leaving the European Union should continue to be optimistic that progress towards completing a clean Brexit is being made.

It is true that remainers continue to attract a great deal of media attention but the negotiations have started in Brussels and the detail is now being worked out. Despite all the bluster there is much agreement being found.

If there is a problem we need to confront it is the possibility of our opponents talking the country down and intentionally eating away at the nation’s self confidence and belief that Brexit will be good for Britain. Lurid “bad news” headlines – which when examined are often fake news –  needs to be countered with the vast amount of good news which, by definition often goes unreported or attracts far less attention.

A good example of how we can assist appeared in this article in The Commentator from Get Britain Out research executive Joseph Hackett, pointing out the number of trade deals that are already under discussion between the UK and other countries.

We now face the silly season and there will be many stupid, daft and plain silly stories blaming Brexit for everything under the sun, including the holiday weather (be it too hot, too cold, too wet or too windy), how Grandma’s chips at Blackpool were soggy this year or how we should believe everything that is said by EU negotiators (an especially silly idea that many of the media fall for).

We shan’t be going on holiday but will continue to provide regular updates and articles on this website and on Brexit Central and in CityAM.

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