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16 01, 2024

The ‘shipwreck’ of Brexit according to Le Figaro

As We See It, Brexit-Watch|

By Ewen Stewart – 4 minute read Le Figaro’s article actually reveals the fact that while the UK Government and its refusenik bureaucracy may well have monumentally failed this country the reason is that despite Brexit they have made the UK more like the EU, not less. They have copied EU failure.

19 10, 2023

How nationalism rots away our ability to see reason

As We See It, Trade & Economy|

By Brian Monteith – 4 minute read WHAT IS IT about so much of Scottish media news reporting that they have to see everything through the prism of nationalism? Why do so many journalists and commentators lose their analytical and critical faculties in the process? The temptation to present anything that has its origins in [...]

19 09, 2023

DEBANKING UPDATE: The FCA can’t find a problem with the banks’ behaviour: “Well it would, wouldn’t it!”

As We See It, Trade & Economy|

By Brian Monteith – 1 minute read – The FCA has said there is nothing to be concerned about following its initial review of the political debanking scandal - but it's a slam-dunk example of what has become known as an "MRDA" – meaning, 'Mandy Rice-Davies Applies'.

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