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20 09, 2021

The ‘AUKUS’ agreement should be the start of a true Global Britain

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By Jayne Adye – 3 minute read WHILE IT IS NATURAL for many to focus on the Cabinet reshuffle as the main news of the week, the recent announcement of a multilateral security agreement between the UK, the USA and Australia will have a far longer and more substantial effect than which MP is now responsible [...]

14 09, 2021

How America’s elite political caste responded to 9/11

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By Alex Story – 4 minute read IN THE TWENTY YEARS since 9/11, instinctive unity has been replaced by officially-imposed uniformity in the United States and across the West.  As planes crashed into the World Trade Centre in 2001, Americans looked around and saw other Americans. They were like them, stunned, maimed and, many, killed.  [...]

1 09, 2021

World domination by China need not be inevitable

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By Ewen Stewart – 5 minute read MUCH has been written about the symbolism of the fall of Kabul. The perception seems to be growing that a mediaeval army has overcome American power (and by association that of the West generally) and shown it has no clothes. China and others will thus conclude the age of [...]

24 08, 2021

Placing Afghanistan in perspective

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By Alan Sked – 8 minute read SUPPOSING that the Taliban had never invited Osama bin Laden into Afghanistan or that he had never plotted the destruction of the Twin Towers, these brutal, medieval Muslims could have kept on happily oppressing their fellow countrymen without Western liberal interventionists like Blair or even American neo-Cons devoting them [...]

19 08, 2021

Inside China’s Silk Road glove is an iron fist

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By Ewen Stewart – 5 minute read WAS PRESIDENT CLINTON right? He thought by enabling China to join the World Trade Organisation in 1999 they would cease their authoritarian ways and become more like us. By us he seemed to imply his version of ‘liberal democracy.’ 20-odd years later that confident prediction looks rather mistaken. At one level Clinton might [...]

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