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19 08, 2021

Abandoning Afghanistan could and should have been avoided

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By Brian Monteith – 7 minute read THE WEST’S abrupt and calamitous withdrawal from Afghanistan is, for British consumption at least, being compared to its rude awakening to its impotence that its Suez adventure provided in 1956. Actually, it is far worse than that. As anyone below seventy is unlikely to remember Suez, a comparison [...]

16 08, 2021

Why we failed in Afghanistan

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By Peter Young – 4 minute read THE DECISION by the Biden Administration to abandon Afghanistan is obviously foolish.  The reputation of the West as trustworthy and competent will be undermined. International terrorists focused on Jihad towards North America and Europe will once again use it as a base.  Afghan citizens will experience untold misery as the [...]

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