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From Ben Habib, Chairman of Brexit-Watch.org

Dear Fellow Pro-unionists,

You will by now have read all about the Supreme Court judgment in the judicial review I and my colleagues brought in regard to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

In summary the Court confirmed British citizens in Northern Ireland are not on an equal footing with those in Great Britain. Crucial aspects of the Acts of Union have been subjugated. The East/ West dimension and principle of consent in the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement have been broken. There is a border down the middle of our country.

The Protocol, contrary to is own faux protestations, has broken the Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and trampled all over the Belfast Agreement. The government cannot now deny this.

Here is a link to the judgment:


And yet the Prime Minister persists with his pointless negotiations with the EU. Talking to the EU will not make a blind bit of difference. The only way to fix the Protocol is to ditch it. The customs border must be on the island of Ireland.

I thank you all again for all your massive support vocally, morally and monetarily. Without this hugely important case, HMG would still be telling untruths about the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The political and economic battle to restore Northern Ireland to the UK continues.

With all best wishes

Ben Habib


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