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By Ewen Stewart – 3 minute read

THE SUN IS SHINING, and I am greatly enjoying being outside, but the Daily Telegraph headline ‘Brexit to blame for inflation’ says Mark Carney is so deluded and wrong it cannot be allowed to pass.

Carney says ‘he warned us’ this would happen if we voted Leave – and he’s right, and we’re so stupid, and it’s all our fault.

The man is either grossly ignorant of economics or something else – I think you know the word.

Firstly, Brexit has made zero difference either way to inflation, growth or anything really so far, so I’m not going to claim Brexit has made us rich. It’s been a deliberate non-event but a useful excuse for a failed elite to pass the blame for their multiple errors.

This Government has refused to deviate in practically any way in terms of regulation other than to gold plate already absurd policies, increase public spending and taxes to EU levels while merrily ploughing full speed ahead on migration. All those outcomes disregard the leave vote and manifesto pledges.

As a matter of fact, trade with Europe has been unaffected growing on trend and the British economy has done almost as badly, but on most measures marginally better than the EU economies Carney apparently adores.

Carney should be shamed. He was Governor of the Bank of England from 2013 to 2020  and presided over a disaster. His policies are the primary cause of inflation today. The £450bn of QE left on the books on his watch, and interest rates near zero, distorted prices and broke the link between tax and spend.

He had seven years to fix it but he didn’t. He preferred to run a delusional monetary policy storing up today’s problems. It enabled Government to do as it pleased and it has ever since. Many of explained this at the time and have warned of the day that interest rates would need to rise.

Instead it was compounded by the catastrophic lockdown, admittedly post his watch, but again funded by another £500bn of QE directly undermining faith in Sterling.

Moreso, Carney ­– a chief evangelist for net zero as the UNs current envoy on climate – has consistently argued that financial services products should be tied to climate objectives.

Net zero is directly responsible for the delusional energy policy the UK has and our high energy prices – but to tie pensions, savings and public spending to heavily subsidised intermittent power is, well, rather inflationary as well as risking financial stability.

Mark Carney needs an excuse for his own failings. A moments sane thought can see Brexit is the lamest of lame excuses.

I am sorry to say it’s individuals like Carney that are primarily and directly responsible for today’s inflation. Brexit doesn’t even come near. Tragically he shows no contrition, instead doubling down on his own failure.

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Ewen Stewart is a City economist whose career has spanned over 30 years. He is director of Global Britain and a co-founder of Brexit-Watch.org.

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