#3 Brexit has allowed the UK to join the geostrategically important CPTPP trade agreement

With Brexit, the UK has been able to realign with those markets projecting the highest growth over the coming decades, instead of being tied to a bloc projected to see a decline in relevance - with accession to the 11-nation CPTPP as an example of this Indo-Pacific tilt.

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#2 Brexit allows the UK to have better and more trade deals than possible in the EU

The UK has improved rolled over deals with Japan, Singapore & Ukraine — and is in progress with Mexico, Switzerland, Israel, Turkey & South Korea. Brand new deals with Australia & New Zealand, and is also in progress with India and the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

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#1 The UK has the EU’s trade deals, but doesn’t have to pay the EU for them anymore

The UK previously had access to around 43 active trade deals as part of EU membership – a membership that, as one of the largest net contributors it paid billions each year for. The UK has replicated all but 3 of these (Bosnia, Montenegro, Algeria)

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