Protectionism: how the EU palms-off the competition at our expense

By Brian Monteith – 5 minute read A CONSTANT REFRAIN in the EU referendum was how important it was for our farmers to be in the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy and the Customs Union. Take a step back for a minute and imagine then what that means for countries that have no place inside the EU because [...]

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Eventually soaring Icarus was brought back to earth – with a thud

By Ewen Stewart – 6 minute read IT USED TO BE that governments understood that economic prosperity was hard won and a result of nurturing the private sector, encouraging enterprise and spending and taxing prudently.  They understood that some deficit financing (spending a bit more than the tax receipts raised) might be appropriate occasionally but broadly [...]

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The threat to British farming is not other farmers

By Catherine McBride – 7 minute read AS I READ yet another attempt to demonise New Zealand farmers over the tiny meat quota given to them in the recent Free Trade Agreement – equal to roughly 1% of UK total beef consumption – I wonder if the NFU was watching what was happening in Glasgow? The real [...]

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Let’s use our new powers to reform taxes like VAT

By Jayne Adye – 5 minute read WHILE OUR POLITICIANS have spent the last few weeks partying, dancing and soaking up free beer and wine at their respective Party Conferences, men and women on the streets of this country have had their taxes raised – along with more to come, it seems – and have seen [...]

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How the fate of Malaysian palm oil tells us we were right to leave the EU

By Alex Story – 6 minute read A FEW DAYS AGO the Office of Communication (Ofcom) reminded us how far things have gone. Over time, the Office, a bureaucratic organism, has given itself the mandate to police language. No one ever voted for that.   Be that as it may, helpfully, on its webpage, the mandarins tell [...]

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