The UK needs to be globally competitive – not EU compliant

By Jayne Adye – 3 minute read WITH THE RECENT reshuffle, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has finally demonstrated a willingness to look beyond Covid-19 and actually consider how he will shape the future of the UK’s economy and society in the years to come. Key to this has been the ambition to embrace the so-called levelling [...]

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The ‘AUKUS’ agreement should be the start of a true Global Britain

By Jayne Adye – 3 minute read WHILE IT IS NATURAL for many to focus on the Cabinet reshuffle as the main news of the week, the recent announcement of a multilateral security agreement between the UK, the USA and Australia will have a far longer and more substantial effect than which MP is now responsible [...]

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How America’s elite political caste responded to 9/11

By Alex Story – 4 minute read IN THE TWENTY YEARS since 9/11, instinctive unity has been replaced by officially-imposed uniformity in the United States and across the West.  As planes crashed into the World Trade Centre in 2001, Americans looked around and saw other Americans. They were like them, stunned, maimed and, many, killed.  [...]

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Whitehall officials must stop taking their lead from Brussels

By Jayne Adye – 4 minute read WITH THE United Kingdom now outside the European Union, we have heard so much from many in government about the ability to divert away from the EU’s invasive rules and regulations and embrace the full opportunities of Brexit. Time and time again, however, when it comes to making [...]

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World domination by China need not be inevitable

By Ewen Stewart – 5 minute read MUCH has been written about the symbolism of the fall of Kabul. The perception seems to be growing that a mediaeval army has overcome American power (and by association that of the West generally) and shown it has no clothes. China and others will thus conclude the age of [...]

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