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3 05, 2023

The UK must defend its right to choose its own path of harm reduction

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by Brian Monteith – 3 minute read. RECLAIMING CONTROL from the EU was not to then surrender power to a less democratic and accountable organisation like the WHO. We must assert our right to develop our own tobacco control policies through harm reduction.

19 04, 2023

Low UK unemployment disguises some worrying trends

As We See It, Trade & Economy|

By Ewen Stewart – 4 minute read THIS WEEK the ONS published its monthly employment data to a fanfare of approval. Unemployment is close to a 50-year low – employment participation rates are rising – and so are wages. Lockdown can be forgotten. Apparently it's business as usual. Well at face value it’s hard to [...]

13 04, 2023

It’s time for UK to take back control of harm reduction policy at COP10

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By Brian Monteith – 3 minute read LATER THIS YEAR the UK Government will have the opportunity on the world stage to stand up for our sovereignty and show the world the progress it has made towards reaching its smokefree 2030 target.  In November, a UK delegation will attend the 10th meeting of the World [...]

22 03, 2023

The Windsor Framework guts fishermen’s hopes of protocol respite

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By Brian Monteith – 4 minute read I HAVE PREVIOUSLY written on the wide range of mad and bad practicalities of the NI Protocol. Possibly the most absurd is that boats leaving Northern Irish harbours such as the Kilkeel fleet are, under the Protocol, not allowed to land their legitimate catches in their own ports [...]

21 03, 2023

Sunak introduces a Westminster Brake on UK divergence

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By Brian Monteith – 6 minute read HAVING HEARD the Prime Minister’s sales pitch of the Windsor Framework when he launched it I immediately smelled a rat. It sounded too good to be true. Sadly, my initial fears have been proven right. It is not any good at all, indeed it is actually worse than [...]

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